Friday, May 7, 2010

Busy Weekend & Man the F*** Up

The manosphere will shriek this weekend about mother's day, and granted, I think that Olympics commercial saying only "thanks mom" was slanted/myopic.

The cold reality? Women have long born the brunt of childbearing and rearing.

Yes, a peaceful society in which to raise a child is only possibly with men willing to kill and die for defending the borders/ideology et cetera. I'm not going to beat this horse to death.....but if more men did their fucking part to raise their fucking kid the government wouldn't be stepping in to replace fathers in part/whole. There also used to be recourse for women who gave it up and the guy didn't marry them as promised (see the Victorian period, the term "Shotgun" wedding, et cetera).

My dad walked out. I don't even know what he looks like. My mom didn't. She raised me.

Some faggots/woman hating betas out there in the manosphere can cry "whiteknight" 'til they're blue in the face.
Welcome to being a fucking man.
Work hard. Die early. Take risks. Die early. Get no thanks. Die early.
It's called being a fucking man for a reason, nancyboys. Go cry into your pillows and shake your fists elsewhere.
It's also secretly part of what makes being a fucking man awesome.
It's a struggle. It's a struggle that transforms you into all that you can be and more if you can handle the obstacles.

It's called life motherfuckers. Get over it. Man the fuck up.

Live fights this weekend in my city, UFC on pay-per-view, my buddy's birthday....going to watch a guy that ducked me fight someone else. His coaches know I'd take his arm home with me inside of one round so they turned down a fight with me. It's okay. Let him win a few more fights and build his name up. He won't be able to duck me forever as we fight out of the same city and we're both entertaining as fuck underneath the bright, hot lights. I'm still going to beat the brakes off him then tap him out.

Spent a night out with her last night.
She has this look in her eyes that can melt steel. She has this look that makes me crumble.
She has this look that echoes and reverberates to the core of my being and rends my will to pieces.

I slept deep, restful, peaceful, catatonic sleep with her by my side. It was hard to leave for work, her standing at the door in her t-shirt and underwear, leaning up to kiss me.

Some things in life are truly priceless.
-With Greatest Affection


  1. The void that lazy and negligent fathers leave is filled by the government and the mothers. Guess where that leads?

  2. collapse. and more reliance on the said gov't to fix said societal ills (but history shows us that our gov't is woefully inept at curing nearly all societal problems)