Thursday, December 3, 2009

Jealous & Appalled

Sexting - 1/4 of all teens in the US have been involved in sexting in some capacity. Granted the poll was done by an MTV affiliate, but I'd estimate even with a significant error's not far off the mark.

Jealous: As a guy looking back....if only pics of the girls from my high school when I was a teenager had circulated nude photos. So many debates of size and ratio, and boob size would have been settled whilst pouring over tiny, grainy (though camera technology does improve day by day on phones)...and now the advent of video. *sigh*

Appalled: yet another reason why having a daughter scares me nearly breathless. Now not only will she likely be banging a trio of guys from some athletic team before graduating, there will be video proof should she ever make a career of something.

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