Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pick the Alpha

If you remember, I posted a Pick the Alpha bit a few days ago, asking for reader predictions of which of two men in a picture was the Alpha.

Alkibiades predicted with precision that the man on the right was in fact the most alpha in the picture based on the nonverbal cues I noted upon first seeing the picture as well: namely, "Head up, open posture, looks more relaxed of the two. The guy on the left is leaning in, turned towards the guy on the right, stiff, and his claw like hand is in an unnatural position."

I couldn't have articulated it any better even knowing who the men in the picture are:
the man on the left is UFC president Dana White, chief leader of the UFC, the world's premier MMA fighting organization. It undoubtedly generates hundreds of millions in sales each year in addition to PPV sales.

The guy on the right: is his highness, the sheik of the United Arab Emirates. The Gross Domestic Product of his country last year was roughly 71 billion. If I'm not mistaken, places like Dubai and Abu Dhabi should ring bells at this point. To let you know how things run over in that part of the world, a royal family member was caught on video TORturing a man who owed him money from a business deal, purportedly.

No wonder Dana's doing his best belly-showing, submissive dog routine here. The guy on the right could have his shit buried underneath the sand or fed to the boars they were hunting when that picture above was taken.

Who run shit? Who run shit? That guy on the right runs shit.

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  1. I never would have guessed the guy on the right was a sheik.