Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Paradigm Shift: WTF Edition

Soundtrack: Promise by Slash & Cornell

I'm going to recount some things as of late:

The SLEW of girls who have insulted my drink of choice as some sort of shit test opener.

The girl who faux complimented me solely to set up a knock on my argyle sweater. She was wearing fucking flippy floppies. Seriously.

The FAT girl who demanded I buy her a drink after she accosted me from the street while I stood drinking a beer on the porch.

Watching my buddy ask a girl about the tattoo on her bare arm and her refusing to explain it/acting like him acting was ridiculous then haughtily walking out with her Parliaments in hand.

I'm not sure what's happening.
The girls are getting less attractive.
They are acting more entitled than ever.
I have this urge to not even open attractive girls just as a "fuck you" in this ever increasing gender arms race of "who is too cool for whom?"

What. The. Fuck. Is. Going. On.
Shit. Is. Bananas.

Le sigh.

Oh yeah. Read it at Seasons of Tumult and Discord.....the most beautiful woman in the a bonafide Cougar.

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