Thursday, April 1, 2010

Two Sides of the Same Coin

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My eyes open to the bright light of the sun. Morning beckons and calls to my weary frame. The ache of my muscles will begin soon. I dreamed a marathon of dreams during what should have been rest. She is hidden beneath the sheets and comforter. My fingers run through her hair and trace her cheek. She is precious. This much I know. Pity my actions have spent much time not showing it.

My nose will likely make another clean break across the bridge soon. I could cut back on training...but that would mean benders and increased binge drinking mixed in with melancholy and listlessness. I've got self-destruction in both hands, just a matter of which one I toss into the pot.

Two sides of the same coin:
Walked into the gym, one of the girls who trains stood nearby as I pulled off my tie and dress shirt, tossing them into my gym bag.
She remarked, "******, you're too pretty to be a fighter. You dress better than I do."
"Yeah. All part of the facade."
"Facade? Your vocabulary's too big to be a fighter too. What facade?"
"That I'm a normal fuckin' person."
"That makes sense."

I'm hoping to avoid drinking this weekend. I've got some innocuous plans including a sporting event during mid-day, training...and then the inevitable time spent downtown. It'd be nice to wake up not hungover Sunday. The fact that I have my biggest and toughest fight to date potentially in a few weeks may just be enough to keep me from drinking too much.

Good luck and happy hunting. Touching on Strike's post (which you should read)....fuck dates. Meet a girl for drinks. Go mini golfing, bowling, whatever. Just don't do a dinner/date combo. That shit is a waste of fuckin' time.
YOU ARE NOT HERE TO CONVINCE HER WHY SHE SHOULD FUCK YOU. If she cannot discern that you are worth fucking more than all those other jerkoffs she tolerates for a free dinner/drinks, then she's just a clown and would rather get a free meal then go home and flick the bean while she told some other fag she was doing yoga, @ girl's night/martini night, riding unicorns or whatever other bullshit chicks claim they're doing when they say they're busy. Spare me.
I bid thee well faithful readers.
- With Greatest Affection

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