Tuesday, March 2, 2010



"And my heart carries the pain of a brain I can't explain"

Slept good sleep for another night in a row while I dreamt no dreams.
Saw a movie with ********. She said she was there for me regardless of the past. I told the truth.
Drove home with a clear mind and a clear conscience for the first time in ages. I drove home with a feeling that had been foreign for so long: hope.

Woke up early to hit an AA meeting. Sipped shit coffee and said nothing while I munched on a shitty donut. I ignored my narcissism whispering that I'm better than these people. That's the dark passenger talking, telling me lies again. It's gotta switch up the monologue since I don't enjoy the forays into the brink the way I once did. It's gotta appeal to my considerable self-belief and ego to sneak its way back into the fold.

I can feel a bit of clarity. Missing is the haze of sleep deprivation, water, hangover...and the like. Good day to my faithful readers. Thanks for the comments and the emails I got yesterday. Good luck and happy hunting.
-With Greatest Affection

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  1. Good luck to you. Addictions, I know from experience, are tough to break free of - it takes a lot of persistence and trying again. I'll keep you in my prayers, if you like.