Friday, December 11, 2009

The Audacity(Stupidity) of Hope

To a point, hoping for the future to bring something different than what your logic tells you to expect is an exercise in audacity. It is a brave endeavor (read that: risk inherent and brings the possibility of failure). Hope falls into this category. Hope, the 4 letter word, that leads us to believe that the person we are seeing/dating/fucking will prove different from those trainwrecks of the past. The hope that they have less baggage, enough baggage to prove interesting, lack that obsessive need to know the past before them, to know each and every detail of the time and moments you live both in their company and not, the need to not leave well enough alone, the need to ask questions for which they do not want answers. When I was younger, I was afflicted with that obsessive, jealous nature. I thought that no matter the terrible truth, it was "best" to know. This is true to a point. Ask the questions if you must, dig for the dirt if you must, but if you dig deep enough whether present or past, anyone worth knowing has skeletons.

To hope that one will deviate from this past and epic record of predictability inherent to human nature is audacious. It is stupid as it flies in the face and chooses to ignore all that we know regarding the nature of the majority of leaving, breathing, hairless apes. Ignorance is based on a lack of knowledge. Stupidity is making a poor decision. There is a key difference.

I am no exception. I continually hope the against hope and rationale that once a behavior is demonstrated that the inevitable can be avoided.....but it can't. The predictability of it does nothing to mitigate the irritating futility of the situation. Telling ourselves the same old pretty lies and turning the same blind eye despite knowing full well the outcome that now looms as a result of the same old behavior in response to the same old stimuli.

-With Greatest Affection

Should we be shocked that spending money on the recession has failed? That the money lent to mortgage companies has only resulted in 4-6 percent of homeowners being granted a cheaper lone despite billions of taxpayer dollars allotted for that task? That is our payment for the audacity of our hope, that for the first time in history government spending might fix a widespread problem. The same old solution begetting the same old non-result (read that: failure).

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