Tuesday, December 15, 2009

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Watched Saturday night unfold as a gym slag (girl that bangs fighters @ a given gym in rapid succession at parties/fight nights etc) made the rounds. She asked me a few questions and I kept my responses terse, even for me. Some might take joy in watching a chick who's clearly spent time making the semi-alpha rounds banging guys now that she's older struggle to pull the same dong she once did with relative ease. I find it kinda sad to be honest. Typically, I feel little in the way of strong emotional depth (minus things like anger or irritation), but even my stony visage softened a bit as I watched someone hocking the same wares for the hundredth time.....and silently wondering why she wasn't getting the same reaction. It must be tough for the onset of age for women. They (the attractive ones) have their glory days when they can be petulant, acerbic, spouting vitriol and treating guys with disdain that still beg for more.....and yet, I find little joy in watching them struggle with the reality of well, reality and the passage of time. This is the downside of women's beauty. Women enjoy the pinnacle for a time, and many find a doting douche later in life to pick up the shambles/remnants of their formerly sexy selves....but they exacerbate their own unhappiness by resenting this non-alpha and berating him for their own unhappiness and having been forced to settle by the all powerful father time.

Why do we love Marilyn Monroe? She died while she was hot. We didn't have to watch her become a saggy, aging, grey-haired quasi version of her formerly illustrious self. She was capricious, seemingly flighty, a soft smile, features, curves, and a soft voice....and an irrepressible sexuality that resonated with men on a primal level.

This is the fate of women. I don't envy it. It is the flipside of their young power and beauty.

For men, it is the fading of physical prowess and inability to compete with younger males. Already, I can feel the onset of age beginning. I don't heal the same way I did. I can't rebound as quickly from a night spent in the brink like I did in college. I have replaced that with craftiness and experience when I train/fight, but I too feel the slight yet insistent onset of father time's callous grip.

Btw, the gym slag mentioned previously has a kid. A daughter. Scary stuff, indeed. She has a good job, makes a shit ton of money...but that doesn't get pipe laid for the most part.

I've made some poor decisions in my life, fortunately, not many are of the irreversible kind. I am unmoored save to the pursuits and people I choose. You cannot put a price or value on freedom. I see the same blank stare, a pained expression in the married men I know. I speak to them on the phone, inevitably breaking plans or leaving a ***** early b/c invariably something having to do with wife/responsibility/family. I watch their marriages wither and die and collapse into this purgatory of hell and abasement. I'll pass on that awesome life-changing experience, thanks.

The sadder versions of this are the men who don't even need their wife to call, they head home in an attempt to avoid an angry phone call or argument awaiting a late return home.

What. The. Fuck.

I would say a man is stupid to completely avoid conflict, but then 70% of divorce is female-initiated. Eventually, his behavior will be legally punished in the form of alimony/child support/whatever other spinal fluid extraction divorce proceeding procure.

When you remove incentive, you remove participation. The ONLY thing keeping some men in pursuit of marriage is the biological imperative to cohabitate/reproduce. Were the price so steep for any other endeavor, it would die out within a generation's time.

In every marriage between a woman and a beaten man, is the woman's lust for a previous lover/boyfriend who was in control. Period.

-With Greatest Affection


  1. Sort of a jumble of thoughts that have come to me over the past few weeks. been busy, one of those periods with so much going on that, well, it almost seems too much to blog about the specifics. you can relate, i'm sure.

  2. Man this post really got me thinking about my friends and their horrible marriages. Thank god I'm out of mine.