Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Brave "New" World"

In perusing Huxley's visionary 1932 opus, Brave New World some things have come to mind. Certainly, the reliance on government allowed/approved drugs for anesthitizing is nothing new, as back in the wild west, the early days of Coca-Cola, or the British Empire/Chinese Communists struggles with Opium demonstrate, drugs and various addictions to supplicate the masses are nothing new.

Certainly, the advent of sexual freedom for women, destruction of the family, and stratification of society is also nothing new as a continuing trend which existed back in the days of Oliver Twist, the original ghettoes, the shanty towns in young America, and various stages of the Industrial revolution.

Going further, however, the type of cowering non-men that Feminism thinks it wants are the antithesis of what women want, need, desire, and for that matter the worlds needs to advance.

Cautious men, those afraid of consequences and chastisement and rebuke did not discover the Americas. Cautious, pansy men did not explore new lands and conquer resources which advanced their Lord/King/Monarch...the beginnings of the nations we know now

Cautious men, the lapdogs, and sniveling cowards did not test out new theories, get burned at the stake for heresy, nor publish controversial and pivotal works that forever challenged the way we view the world and inevitably brought much of the 'progress' we now reap and enjoy.

The path of weak and fearful men is calamitous in a number of ways.

In a strange way, on the surface, Feminism and family destruction by disenfranchising men from the family unit/distancing them from role models produces semi-alphas in the sense that they are overtly impulsive, far more likely to engage in risky elucidated elsewhere on the 'internets' and in the blogosphere....but with one crucial pitfall: the risks they take are destabilizing ones for society. Their byproduct is crime, marauding, theft, and the damage to the core which in a stable society otherwise produces advancement in culture, art, invention, science, and media.

Without investment in the overall success of a culture, the willingness of men to gamble for success becomes a willingness to gamble and take risks that are non-beneficial to society as a whole and remain risks taken solely for personal benefit at the expense of others.
Feminism has to look very carefully at completely depriving men of the rewards and benefits of investing in the society as a whole. The cost will be staggering.

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  1. Feminism has to look very carefully at completely depriving men of the rewards and benefits of investing in the society as a whole.

    Not likely to happen. The feminists have crossed the Rubicon into the dark territory of ideological insanity, and they're going to burn everything else down in the process.

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