Friday, February 19, 2010

Chronicles in Flakedom/Pointing Fingers

3 girls. 3 nights. 3 phone numbers.

Drinks with 1 girl. - opened me
Dinner with 1 girl. - opened me
flaking maneuver by 1 girl on plans to go dancing. - IOI's then I opened her

Drinks girl - segued from conversation to side by side seating, to her arm in mine.
Dinner girl - hug @ end of dinner, then after pause her hint of wanting a kiss but lack of recent time in the saddle and I segued to semi-awkward moment. no kino in dinner. my fault for not planning better venue/seating/location

Drinks girl texted me that night to make sure I got home safe after drinks.
Dinner girl texted me shortly after dinner to say how much fun she had.

Drinks girl has become monosyllabic over text to set up subsequent plans.
Dinner girl took a day to reply attempt at 2nd date with a questionable excuse. She countered my offer with a possible meet downtown tonight.


This is why I'm a SNL believer people. Press for that same night lay or abandon all hope ye who enter follow-up(s). There are simply a plethora of variables (read that: obstacles) to overcome once the interaction breaks from the first occurrence.

I spent nearly a year never even taking phone numbers. I got laid about as much as I did before when I took numbers. I don't doubt dating game....I just see it as low end on the benefit vs cost scale.

Over at Roosh's he calculates the cost per notch ratio. This is a useful tool in holding yourself accountable for your investment to benefit ratio.

Guess it's back to the grindstone. Predictably, when I write off a couple of flakesters/delete numbers, I get calls/texts from numbers no longer in my phone. And I'm a good lookin' dude.....and it's this much of a struggle. No wonder some guys become mindless plowers in pursuit of 'gina.
I've also been lazy b/c of my physical appearance. The byline whenever a less than hot girl talks to me socially has become, "she's not pretty enough to be with you."
Kino/escalation is a part of my game sorely lacking. My looks and charm usually get my foot in the door. My follow-through is hit or miss. Part of this is my deep held notion that most girls will not simply go full throttle with some guy they just met (minus the German, Brazilian, ******, girls I've met...and even then, there's variation within the culture).

Dropping sexuality into the conversation is also a missed opportunity on at least one date as of late. It's easy to blame some other factors, but at the end of the day, I did not create the right environment to facilitate the lessening of inhibitions.

You must hold yourself accountable to make real change(improvement) possible. My failures are my own. As such, my victories will also be my own.

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