Thursday, February 25, 2010


Used this clip on a comment over at Seasons of Tumult & Discord...and it got me thinking.

Remember the last movie you saw in a theatre?
I guarantee the light from some asshole's phone came on at some point. Recently, in the last 5 min's of Shutter Island some motherfucker LITERALLY ANSWERED HIS GODDAMN PHONE.
Thanks jerkoff....we haven't been engrossed in this film for virtually 2 hours. It's called ambience and atmosphere you fuckin vesche.

It's a symptom.

A symptom of a fuckin' disease. It's called social connecto-technoligitis

We can't take a shit without our cell phone in our pocket. You can't holla at homegirl downtown b/c she's busy texting other people other fuckin' places about what she's (not) doing right now. You waste time better spent hollerin' @ devotchkas texting/calling buddies to figure out which place you want to go to but then can't b/c homeboy X has an ex that works there and you can't go b/c you banged the bartender awhile back after doing rails in a bar after 2am.
You leave a record of your doings b/c of text/cell.
You get caught dropping your boy off @ a coke deal gone bad b/c your cell phone triangulates where and when you are located.
You can't take a shit without feeling compelled to check your texts/voicemail.

Man Challenge of the week:
I challenge you to go out WITHOUT your cell phone. Leave it in the car. Leave it off and do not check it the entire night.
Pulling it out to take a number is semi-passable allowance...but as we all know. Numbers are nearly always bullshit.
You know the guy.
The guy checking his iphone/new phone/fuck you in the face with a studded mandingo dildo while people around him semi-attempt to engage in quasi-superficial interaction seeking commonality/security. If your email/text/phone is more important than where you've fucked something up. Period.

-With Greatest Affection

Speakin' of movies...I'm gonna see The Crazies this weekend...and I'll admit I'm gonna see the new Nightmare on Elm Street whenever it comes out.

And last but not least...Top Gun is Gay.

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  1. Agreed. There is something effeminate to being hypersocial. Man are designed to survive on their own - out in the wilderness. We have "Into the Wild" fantasies (despite that being a terrible movie), we go camping, climbing and fishing. Leave the weaving of the social network up to women.