Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Movie Recommendation and News Bits

Rented a movie titled Train last night, feat. Thora Birch, the daughter of Kevin Spacey's character in American Beauty.

In summary, it has everything: vivisection, organ harvesting, gore, amputation, necrophilia, creepy Euro trash, Golden Showers....I mean, it takes a lot to make me say "wow" repeatedly throughout a movie. This one managed to top Hostel and Saw in terms of cringe-worthy moments. Wow, again. I don't want to give out the real look-away moments....but it completely tops Saw/Hostel and other films of the like.

Give it a go, find it @ Redbox. If you don't, you'll just blow a hundred pennies on some other more worthless shit.

Proof that man's capacity for evil is stranger than fiction

All-American boy murders father. Family cries out for support....for the boy. Not for the 8 month pregnant woman he shot to death while she was sleeping. Note the article's title. It could just as easily read "12 Year old Executes 8 mth. pregnant woman in her sleep"

The Death of a Real Man. A hard man who did hard shit.....died like a real man. Of a fucking stroke. Should we all be so lucky to live a life like his.

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