Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Emasculation & Doubletalk Edition the commercial here or stream via my page:

Yeah...because 1) if you live that life your wife will let you buy a car....and 2) driving it around will somehow offset your suicidal impulses from waking in the morning to finally sleeping late at night. Fuck that.
On to my favorite dead horse: Avatar -
If I hear one more person admit the writing was trite, cliched, hackneyed, uninspired, and unoriginal...and then in the same sentence say, "but it was so visually stunning that I saw it a second time,".....I will begin crackin' skulls.

If you admit that your mind is vacuous enough to shell out the overpriced movie ticket prices more than once for a film that you readily ACKNOWLEDGE is plagiarized and ripped off to the hilt because it "looks pretty" are a fucking clown.

Go buy a Dodge like the Super Bowl Commercial suggests...b/c looking at a pretty car in your driveway offsets how empty your life actually is. Be like my buddy who owns said car and does what the fuck he wants when he wants. The car fits him b/c he lives his life on his terms. Don't buy a car b/c you hate your life.

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