Sunday, April 18, 2010

Calvin & Hobbes

Get a hobby other than reading my blog.
The dedication, time, and energy expended on keeping tabs on me is truly fascinating to behold.

You drive down the street.
Some girl is jogging. You check out her ass in the rear view.
Some girl sells you coffee. Your eyes rove over her top.
A fat girl jiggles by.
Your dick gets hard.
The girl is not attractive.
You are pretty sure you would still fuck her.
In short order.

If I didn't masturbate I'm pretty sure I would fuck a coke machine I get so hard up sometimes.

I don't just walk around with a dark passenger. My dark passenger walks around like it's been poppin' Viagra out of a fuckin' Pez dispenser.---

Rolled outta town for a minute yesterday. Hung out with my good buddy, wingman, confidant, brother, and partner in crime, Dr. J.

We've had some epic times but something was different about this adventure day. We discussed life changes and adult perspectives. Times, they are a' changin'. To be sure. Nothing beats hanging out with a good friend. We compiled a powerful index of manly/adventures for the day: watched some karate tourney, ate steak, ate japanese food, ******, watched some football, then saw MMA fights. Great day made better by seeing one of my best friends.
-Good luck and happy hunting my faithful readership. I bid thee well.
-With Greatest Affection

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