Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fairweather Fans

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I was in the middle of my rounds on the heavy bag.
A commercial for Amp came on. It features Urijah Faber.

It felt anachronistic as in less than 2 years time he's gone from being the legit # 1 fighter at 145 lbs to having his HOME FUCKING TOWN PAPER say he should retire after losing a 5 round decision to Jose Aldo this past Saturday night.

I heard some guy who's 0-1 in MMA say that Urijah looked like shit.
I heard some other guy who's 0-1 in MMA say that Urijah was always overrated.

I stopped hitting the bag. I walked over.

"Fairweather fuckin' fans. You guys don't know shit about fighting."

"What are you talking about?"

"Look at Urijah's resume. He's got stoppage wins over a ton of contenders in his weight class. Curran, Cruz, Pulver, Assuncao....."

"Whatever man. Go back to hitting the bag."

"Urijah fought for 5 rounds with a broken hand against Mike Brown. You wouldn't last 2 minutes in the cage. Oh wait....that's right. Both you guys lasted less than 90 seconds apiece in your fights.....Ha. You guys like to pretend you're fighters. These fuckin' guys.....two guys that between the fuckin' both of you didn't last an ENTIRE round in your fights. You don't know shit about fighting. I could add how long you both lasted together and it wouldn't equal one FUCKIN' round."

Then comes the moment. The questioning moment. We stare one another down. They know I would fuck them up. They know my striking is lightyears better and that my groundwork is also years ahead of theirs. Literal fucking years on the mat. They'd get knocked the fuck out or I'd take an arm home with me.......

They know I'm not a talker. I do shit. You can go on youtube and see me fucking fight. And it's not 90 seconds counting down til' I'm beaten.

I show up fucking hungover and fight up a weight class and still come out with a submission win. I come back from my knee injury and fight a guy with 2 more fights experience and beat the brakes off him.

Fairweather fuckin' fans. Armchair fighters. I fucking loathe them.

Such is life.

People like winners. Everyone knows your name. Otherwise, they don't have time for you. Fuck the fairweather fans.

-With Greatest Affection


  1. A-fucking men. I can't stand the fairweather fan attitude at Sherdog and MMAWeekly...

    ...many folks who don't even train in a Traditional Martial Art or even got into a street fight are the worst armchair cage fighters.

    I've never fought MMA, but I have been in several amateur kickboxing matches. I've been KO'd and I've KO'd an opponent.

    Given that small experience I've gained, I know I have only a small taste of the dedication, effort, and pain fighters go through.

    One more thing...when it comes to MMA, there's no such thing as "undefeated." Unless your name is Fedor...if you are undefeated, you simply haven't fought enough opponents yet.

    I think most guys that jump off and on bandwagons based on recent wins have no clue about the realities of what fighters go through.

    So many fools dissed Cro Cop after he came to the UFC and lost. Same goes for Chuck losing to Rampage and Shogun.

    I used to be registered and comment regularly at Sherdog and MMAWeekly...but the armchair cage fighters made me too disgusted. I simply quit posting altogether.

  2. There're mat guys and fighters. I've banged heads with tougher guys in a bar, on a Saturday night, than some of the practice Superstars I've trained with.

    - I'm gonna be on the next Ultimate Fighter! -

    Oh yeah? I'm gonna narrowly avoid being arrested when, after twelve shots of Wild Turkey, I make a mosaic of someone's face on the wall and run.

    Fighting ain't a healthy passtime. Fighting hurts.

  3. KG - yeah, trollousity is rampant over at sherdog. the tma'ers tend to flock to (oddly enough) and write about all the obscure ninja/TMA styles that make them think they're in a martial arts movie.

    Max - yeah. i've been good about avoiding assault(s) for the past couple years. minus a few scrapes. last time, the barstaff in my favorite bar tried to tell the guy not to fuck with me. after we were out in the parking lot i had to turn trackstar and hoof it to my car.