Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking the Razor's Edge

Soundtrack: The way I used to be....with some momentary lapses in the present....

Alternative Soundtrack

I'm far too hurt to train. You spend nearly 6 years of your life fighting and things that actually leave you unable to train are surprisingly rare. The stuff that looks bad, the broken noses, split lips, eyes swollen shut look bad but just limit the contact/sparring.
It's the broken ribs, the neck injuries, the rotator cuff damage, the torn LCL's or ankle sprains that are truly preventative.

I have a hard time walking fast. Getting out of my car or rising from a chair is a careful opertation to avoid stabbing pain.


I don't even feel like drinking. I suppose this is a welcome change. I drank a bit last weekend, I cut loose after realizing my fight would not take place. Normally injury like this would mean weeknights spent out boozing it up. I don't even feel like thinking about it.
The escape drinking once offered has waned in its lure and it promise seems less enticing as of late.

Cuts at work are coming. They've already happened, in fact.

People/friends/family/blog readers continually ask me when I'm leaving this city. My field is one of those considerably effected by the economic downturn. If my boss is forced to cut me loose here soon, I'll have to move/pack up with my severance package and hit the road. A considerable number of my colleagues working for other projects have been cut over the past 18 months. There are virtually no alternatives locally should my job be cut.

Problem is....alternatives in other cities are extremely limited as well.

"Can I borrow another tomorrow....?"

-With Affection

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