Thursday, April 8, 2010

Female Relationship Therapists (and why I'd never see one)

Hat tip to Roissy

On the topic of female infidelity/specifically within the first few years of marriage: “I just think that women are stronger and coming into themselves and following their own path,” says Toronto relationship therapist Nancy Ross. She says infidelity is often what brings couples to seek therapy and that, increasingly, men are initiating therapy.

Biderman thinks female newlyweds are looking for more than a fling — that many of them are sizing up their husbands and questioning whether they really want to start a family with him. And, in a pragmatic move not unlike job hunting, they might even want to line up a new partner before leaving their current one.

Pragmatic? Being pragmatic is finding a man willing to bang a married woman? That's the type of man you should "have kids with" rather than the man who put a rock on your finger?

Lo...the humor that occurs when women try to be logical? It's like watching a gnome inside a human body who is trying to walk using a complex system of pulleys and levers...its attempts to walk look like a baby giraffe on rollerskates on ice in a wind tunnel.

Never underestimate the ability of women to rationalize their own moral shortcomings.

I've cheated. And I know it was cheating. There wasn't an excuse. I didn't offer up some nonsensicality about being pragmatic or becoming more independent.


  1. I just think that women are stronger and coming into themselves

    Maybe more of these women need to try that instead and spare us the progeny.

  2. it's just hard to imagine someone with a PhD getting paid whatever overpaid cost it is for therapy.....and saying stuff like that. jebus.