Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I FULLY See what's going on now

Debt as Money

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This was one of those moments when the pieces fit together. I sat in the doctor's office this morning. I flipped through Forbes magazine and read about the Obamacare legislation and another piece on the gov't's moves to begin buying up/owning student debt.

Awhile back I saw the movie The International with Clive Owen. The movie was a semi-thriller, what amazed me however (much like The Constant Gardener with Fiennes) was the manner in which it chronicled real life graft and corruption on a global scale for which the proles like us pay the price. More on why The International is important to this post in a bit.

"The big thieves hang the little ones."

Part of the Obamacare legislation is that the FEDERAL f'ing government is moving closer to owning student debt. Part of Obamacare legislation is buying up/usurping swatches of things like healthcare, student debt...but most of all....THEY ARE OWNING the debt.

There is one telling line in The International that you must know and remember. Owen's character sits with a would be whistleblower/inside man who tells him it's not about the World Bank, the World Health Organization or even helping is about WHO OWNS THE DEBT.

Another element of the Obamacare legistlation is trying your student loan to your social security number/IRS information.

Jails are full of drug related criminals, robbers, crooks, junkies, rapists and murderers.
Pfizer, Blackwater employees, war profiteers? Free. Madoff is one of a drop in the bucket.

Healthcare, student loans, credit cards, mortgages......they want to fucking own you.

Buy a house that takes you 15-30 years to pay off, assuming the mortgage doesn't go sub-prime. Go to college and borrow 70 grand to do it. Punish those who don't establish a high line of credit and at least median level debt in the system.

They want to own the debt.
They want to own you.

I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but I firmly believe that the government wants more than ever to own us lock, stock and barrel rather than let private companies do it.

Want to go to college despite the fact that a 4 year degree is worth less than ever? Just agree to TEN FUCKING YEARS of public service.

Fannie Mae is a thing of the past. That debt will be assumed by the fed gov't in more than name.

Alexander Hamilton said it first, "debt is good". Debt keeps us indebted (pun on purpose) to the federal governement. IT KEEPS US BEHOLDEN.

Look carefully at the punishment stipulations in the Obamacare legislation.

HOW THE FUCK did it go from making sure those that cannot afford healthcare to PUNISHING those who willfully choose not to have it?

What the fuck happened to my rights as a citizen to make choices in my daily life?

-In disbelief

I remember walking into the bank last year. I was in between the start of a new contract and the end of an old one. I owed probably $600 on a couple credit cards. I was behind by 2 student loan payments. I needed a loan to square things and make it through one month until payday with the start of my new job. I was turned down. I am worth negative 16,000 dollars. Negative. I have worked since I was 16. I own my own car. I have a 4 year degree. I have been gainfully employed working 40 hours a week or more for the past 11 years and even under the table work before being legally old enough to work. I am worth negative 16,000 dollars. I cannot even be cleared for apartment rental b/c of my student loan debt and having gotten two deferrals.

They want to own the debt.
They want to own you.

They already own the debt.
They already own you.

Buy the house. Lease the new car. Go to college. Have 3 kids. Get pets. Everyone owns their own car. You need a bonus room then storage space to put all the shit you've bought that you don't fucking need. Pay your taxes. Work harder.

There will be payment due. You will have to fucking work forever and you will likely die with debt on your back and hanging around your neck. Those that manage not to, there's estate tax. Don't fucking worry. The government will punish you in your death for actually owning assets and tax your relatives for receiving it, and if you should leave debt that will be passed on down your bloodline.


  1. Kind of scary when the enormity of the whole ponzi scheme dawns on you.

  2. They want to own the debt.
    They want to own you.

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist,

    lol - When you research enough into it all, you will come to the realization that in fact OWNING you and putting you into debt is PRECISELY what IS the "conspiracy."

    Stealth serfdom.

    "They" don't force you into it. They make you believe you HAVE to enter serfdom to achieve "success" and "happiness."

    Good post...this is actually related to my next post I was working on.

  3. The bureaucrats have conspired against us and every little pseudo benevolent piece of legislation they use to mesmerize the sheep is really nothing but another machination designed to steer us into utter subservience.

    About 3 years ago I snapped out of my little life-long consumerist reverie, paid of all debt, shed as many bills and permanent belongings as possible and began living a monkish existence. I'm not wealthy by any means, but I feel a sense of liberty most people I know don't have.