Monday, April 26, 2010

Odds & Ends

Listening to: The Killers

1) scandals involving the United Nations: weapon smuggling, sexual exploitation, and brutality
2) War Profiteering during the Vietnam War & the Iraq War

Reading: Bleak House by Dickens

Considering: starting another bankroll for online sports betting

Had some recent emails regarding my training/workout regimen. It varies, which is the usual generic answer that won't help any of those that have had the interest/motivation to ask.

A typical boxing workout for yours truly is as follows: 3-4 rounds of shadowboxing, 3 rounds on the speed bag, 3 rounds on the double end bag, 5-6 on the heavybag, 2-3 rounds again on the speed bag, 2-3 rounds on the double end bag.....and ending with progressively slower/relaxed rounds of shadowboxing.

30 second breaks in between, grab water 1-2x during the workout.

Fridays, the speed bag and double end bag rounds are replaced with a minimum of 4-6 rounds of sparring with different training partners. The workout closes with leg lifts, ab exercises, and push-ups.


  1. Bleak House sounds interesting. How far have you got?

  2. just reading up on some lit criticisms and the first prob 20 pages or so.

  3. Reading for study purposes or for pleasure?

  4. pleasure as always. i'm growing into a considerable victorian era lit. reader. go figure.

  5. Bleak House is my favourite Dickens book - so atmospheric. Though I like Great Expectations as well, a great object lesson in how not to game a woman.

    By the way, you should definitely read "the Quincunx" by Charles Palliser when you have finished Bleak House. It is bliss indeed, one of my favourite books, it is a masterpiece, the perfect Victorian novel published in the last decade of the 20th century. I cannot even begin to say how much I love this book. It deserves a website dedicated to it.

  6. it'll take me awhile to get thru Bleak House as I'm still busy with work and I tend to take my Victorian fiction a chapter or two a week at most while I'm still reading other things. i'll look into your book recommendation as well. Expectations was one of the first bildungsroman novels I read that truly impacted/forced me to examine the forming of a person/man....etc.

  7. Final question: which ending of Great Expectations did you prefer?

    PS - if you do get round to reading the Quincunx, let me know what you think of it.