Wednesday, April 21, 2010

An Idea about the Vatican Scandal

Something just occurred to me.

I read elsewhere online about how if the Vatican were an institituion other than a religious one people would be legally culpable (I think they are anyway) for obstructing justice, covering up crimes, and aiding/abetting known/reasonably believed to be pedophiles...and people other than the priests would be sitting in jail.

Something just occurred to me...if a *insert position here* had raped something like 200 young had better believe the public would be calling for not only the rapist, but also anyone involved in moving them around/leading to the rape of other young girls.

However, since the majority of victims are young boys...I don't feel as though the public outcry is the same.

Thanks to Southpark for continuing the tirade/satire yet serious magnifying glass by joking the Vatican each week on Southpark.

It is criminal that such a wealthy organization simply deny, deny, and avoid guilt for something that so many high ranking members are a clear and undeniable part.

The fallacy of Church.
It cannot admit it is wrong. Once it does, then so much else regarding how the Catholic Church has told people how to live their daily lives will be in question.

I don't trust people who cannot admit they might be wrong.
I don't trust anyone who tells me to believe something "just because", ie: faith.
I don't trust an organization that says a 2,000 year old book has all the answers b/c a half-God son died on a cross and performed miracles in a book written at best by no one who lived within 2-3 generations of that man/half-God son.

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  1. According to Christian doctrine, Jesus was the son of God, and God himself. Not a half-god. And, yes, I suppose that would only make sense if you were a devote faithful Christian.