Friday, January 29, 2010

Consumerism/Society of Fear/Falsity in Media

Phone rings.....

Mom: ***, you know it's going to snow tonight, right?
Me: I'll believe it when it starts.
Mom: ***, this is serious. They are saying it will snow several inches. We may be snowed in.
Me: I wonder how mankind ever survived for thousands of years without buildings and roads and such....especially with the specter that is snow.
Mom: This is serious. Stop being difficult.
Me: I'm just saying 10 times a year, they come on the TV every 10 min's saying it's a winter storm...and one of those 10 times every few years it will actually be bad enough that we'll stay off the roads for part of one day.
Mom: Well, I'm going to the store to stock up.
Me: *Sigh*

My mom doesn't donate money to child hookers in Bangladesh. She doesn't donate money to victims of terrorism....but mention a winter fuckin' storm that hasn't even occurred and watch the purse strings loosen.

Ugh. I'm disgusted by the weather hysteria on the TV.

Media and advertisers realized long ago that nothing gets people buying shit like hurricanes and/or snow storms.

Terrorism? People (other than militias) aren't prepping for that shit.

Bin Laden must really be tired of talking about our decadence. In a new tape, Bin Laden's blaming CLIMATE CHANGE on the United States. OMG. I almost fell out of my chair in my office reading that to myself. Wow.

Katrina Volume 2.0 - Raping of women in Haiti claims begin....verification? None.
Call me a cynic...but here is the "proof" offered in the article:
"I heard a fight outside, and I saw panties on the ground," she said. "I started to shout a lot, and they left."

WOW. This is the standard of proof by which you can publish an article to be read by thousands of people across the globe...."
Figures for the number of crimes were not available but women's organizations have already detailed a number of cases and alerted the United Nations mission in Haiti....". A number of crimes? A number of cases? We won't say how many, though you can bet if it was anywhere NEAR substantial they'd be spouting it in every major news organization...but they aren't. So we can safely assume it is a very low number, otherwise they'd be milking it for all its worth.

And in some last bit of total bullshit. Whoopi comments on Matthews "forgot he was black" comment....this is the same Whoopi that said Polanski didn't commit "rape rape".

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