Sunday, January 31, 2010

For What It's Worth

Soundtrack to this Post: For What It's Worth

Rewind to last night:
Headed out despite the onset of snow. A car nearly cut mine in half after dinner. 2 wheel drive sedans make for dangerous fellow drivers amidst inclement weather.

Slightly cracked lips and craving attention:

Posted up with some buddies from the rogues gallery in tow after a short cab ride in the showering of snow flakes. Some girls behinds us giggled and motioned our way nervously. I rolled my eyes. It was some girl's birthday. I overshot guessing her age despite trying to get it right and opting out of a neg. She took it as such. She was older than me, but half as pretty. Her quasi troll like mannish faced friend worked in the same field as your humble narrator. I make a point to not discuss work when I'm not like, y'know, at fucking work. She rolled right over my comments stating such. She was so excited a pretty man with semi style was in her field and she actually had some conversational threat. I kept stating how much I don't like to discuss work.

The troll walked away for a minute and a waitress friend of mine said, " *****, you're too pretty for her." The rest of the table nodded in agreement. I not so nonchalantly avoided the troll when she returned. By this time the several liquor drinks were setting in. Alas, I'd been such a good boy for the last few weeks. I made my way to another bar after excusing myself from the older looking than she is birthday girl and the troll as my buddies had left already whilst I waited for my tab. I'm not sure what I said when asked for my phone number but it didn't involve giving it out.

Found my rogues gallery members and some bartender asked me why I no longer frequented ***** bar. I told her I hadn't frequented much bars as of late. She told me to give her a call sometime. I told her I would ( I won't). Some other girl grabbed me by the arm and asked for my scarf. I briskly refused and faked shock that she would suggest such a thing.

At some point, I was in a cab on my way home.
Spent an hour the next day to get a cab to my car...where I subsequently spent an hour getting it un-entrenched from the snow/ice in the parking lot. I had strange dreams of my sibling banging some gothic vampire and riding rollercoasters while shooting automatic weapons and RPG's....the likes of which I shuddered and shook away over coffee amidst my powerful hangover of epic proportions.

Idle hands are the devil's plaything.
My apathy as of late continues unabated and powerful in its constant frequency. I am waiting again to feel moved. When I spy with my little eye that which I seek....the fingers upon the chords to my being will vibrate and shudder.....

-With Greatest Affection

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