Saturday, January 23, 2010

The One Admitted Male Prossie in Nevada/ Last Night Rewind

I intended to take a break from blogging this weekend, but I HAD TO POST THIS.

First legal male prossie in America
. Doesn't he just look five alarm raging on fire gay? (spare me the flame emails. it's not like you come here for PC verbiage).

The fact that there is literally only one legal/admitted male hooker on the payroll in Nevada...tells you the sexual differences in men/women. IE: it is only financially viable to have one on staff.

To hear women talk nowadays though....women can be just like men when it comes to sex.

Sure when they think about whacking off onto a couple young euro chicks who claim and appear to enjoy double penetration.......when chicks start thinking about stuff like that they can claim they are like men when it comes to sex.

Highlights from last night's jaunt downtown and parts unknown:
- seeing my first girlfriend's now husband walk by and his waiting for me to recognize him. I didn't until I looked closer as my buddy pointed out some guy was staring at me. Sorry, I don't look closely at dudes I don't know on a first name basis nor recognize at a glance.

- the bored and lifeless expression on his wife's face as the reality of banging the same beer gut forming guy that will eventually look a lot like her father set in during the course of a few beers. I could have walked over and said "hi" and bullshitted through small talk that was meaningless....but I didn't feel like putting forth the minimal effort required. I opted to sip my beer and play "around the room"

- running into an ********* girl I briefly dated back in college. Small world. Awesomeness.

- a bartender friend introducing me to her Asian friend that reminded me of Dater X :)

- my buddy asking if I had dibs on my bartender friend to which I told him happy hunting.

- running into another girl I opted out of banging awhile back b/c I just wasn't into her. Her boobs had gotten bigger. Like a raccoon, my eyes were distracted by the shiny for a few seconds.

- running into a buddy's younger brother who's now married. he was excited about buying a house. I just sorta nodded and put on my best agreement face with a plastic smile.

- noting the overdressed girls in semi-expensive dresses and heels

- downing tallboy PBR's with my buddy

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