Saturday, January 2, 2010

Future Mothers & Other Ramblings from the Diary of a Madman

The Future Mothers of a forthcoming generation.....

Yes. It is true. Bring on the next year.
In all fairness though, women now get to be known as just as poor parental units as men have for quite a long time in human society.

Spare me the flaming emails. Women will be quick to point out that not all girls are this extreme. I am quick to point out that in many instances MANY girls with whom I was close friends have engaged in the following behaviors. Women can sing the song of "not all girls are like that".....the reality is that they pretty much are. My evidence is empirical: virtually every woman I have ever known has engaged in the above....and more than a handful of freak occurrences as well.

These are the women with whom you legally sign away half, if not more of your things if (read that: when) they become dissatisfied....and to quote Chris Rock...."I've never met a happy woman in my life."


At any rate, for those of us who attended remember the young, nubile freshmen with soft faces, doe eyes, coquettish ways....and you remember how within one semester that had fallen to the wayside. It was disheartening as it was loathsome. I'm all for freedom for women. You know what else I'm all for? Girls valuing themselves more than banging some random guy who said "Hey" to her at a kegger. I'm all for girls valuing themselves more than banging some guy b/c he buys her shit.
Granted, it takes a man to have that effect on a girl....the girl also has to PUT OUT for her to become jaded in this fashion. The discerning woman should do just that...discern.

You know why women rearrange their lives around what I do? B/c I draw a line in the sand. Women need to learn from this. I do not cave to demands which I do not wish to succumb to. I am willing to walk away from a situation/woman/relationship if she violates a simple handful of rules/lines in the sand. Am I asking for more ladies and less sluts? Yes, why yes I am. That was my wish from Santa. Less sluts in the world. I'm not some white knight asking for a virginal girl my age. I am asking however for a girl who has valued herself enough to not have racked up the number of notches I have.

I know way too many girls that clearly were not strongly ingrained with the notion that their pussy was a fucking goldmine and a precious commodity. More knowledge from Chris Rock.

Women should abandon this feminazi idea that they can be like men, they should bang 50 dudes, and that somehow men should love them not in spite of, but b/c of, their whorish background. Experience is sexy in men. Not so much in women.

Now I end with a final anecdote from a bender a few weeks back:
My coterie and I were seated. Warpig across from me heard the topic of cougar. It predictably hit a nerve b/c she was in her early 30's, fat, single....and a heavy drinker. Not sure which came first, the chicken or the egg.
At any rate, she asked me to declare a general standard for cougar-dom. I remarked, "well, if the chick is 35 and the guy is 29, we have ourselves a Cougar."

This is not my true standard but one intended to provoke. She immediately exploded with shaming language based not on sound reason but simply on volume......and triumphantly waited for my rebuttal. I calmly informed her that, "my whole life I've had to hear about how women are more mature than men. Women are emotionally more developed than men at a younger age. Well, fine. You are. I cede that point readily. That being the case, based on your own belief, the 6 years between the 35 yr old spinster and the 29 year old male is not a true 6 year difference, but actually one of greater disparity."
Heads nodded. She ordered my doubles in tall glasses. I was bored and passed another night.

Headed to see the fights tonite. A happy new year to all.

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