Tuesday, January 19, 2010

News...b/c Truth is Stranger than Fiction

Dances wit-I mean, Avatar pulled from screens in China.

A film even discussing forced evictions of native people apparently don't fly in the People's Republic.

I blogged about this earlier...the spate of girls that show American women (contrary to fact/truth) being hounded by European guys for marriage.

The cultural truth about a woman unable to find commitment and in her 30's is truth. The notion that she'll find a European guy on vacation to whom she'll marry....well, I don't know a single woman who would fit that description outside of those brief movie trailers I see so often nowadays.
Better yet, listen to why the women think they want a European man, AND think about how it would be deplored/ridicules if an American man were to say the same: "“Think of it as the reverse of the Russian mail-order bride,” Aleksander writes, “Importing an agreeable, commitment-submissive Euro-husband, or finding him in his natural habitat.”"
If you note closely, this very comment harshly comments on the stereotypes regarding men who seek foreign brides. Even though, statistically, they have much lower rates of divorce. Go figure. Even more humorously, the article mentions Grace fuckin' Kelly as proof of this as a common occurrence. She of course married a Prince from Monaco. Talk about selective proof of existence and commonality.

If she was white....they'd be all over this.

Rapist attacking older women (50-60's). Truth is stranger than fiction.
Anyone remember all those "reports" that came out of Katrina in the days following? About the mass rapes and baby murder and the blah fucking blah...and then it turned out that virtually NONE of it was true? Then you see something like Haiti where by all accounts bodies are literally lining up in the streets....where's Kanye to tell us that Obama does not care about Haitian people? I saw Diddy working the phone on CNN the other night. If Diddy can find time to run his "empire"...and berate wannabe assistants.....Kanye's got no excuse.
But then if you read carefully in articles over-dramatizing the death toll and "frenzy of looting"....you find segments that read, "Nothing suggests "widespread disorder" and panic, Rogers said, citing the well-publicized incidents of unrest as "isolated events."". Wow. So it's a frenzy of looting...but these are isolated. So it's chaos and anarchy....but that it's not even hindering rescue/work. Hmmm. Sounds like more doubletalk from liberal media bias. Shocker, right?

Warping women/girls notions of health/beauty isn't just for Tyra Banks anymore

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