Monday, January 11, 2010

Things I Would Like to Say.....

Linked from Playing the Devil's Advocate. The truth about American relationships.
Not all girls are like this....but damn if this doesn't remind me of many of my friends' lives.....God.
A living nightmare.....sadly, this is the video that ends on a positive note. This is the life story where the woman's not one of the 70% of females that initiate court proceedings to terminate half of all marriages. I do appreciate the comprehensive bait n' switch that men aren't willing to make it work...when it comes to marriage, 7 out of 10's the woman who can't hack the long road. Go figure.

Eventful week in the books. Grateful that Sunday passed into oblivion and I can count the week/end as finished.

I could explain the strange events of last week but there's no point. Long time readers of this blog and the previous vaunted incarnations can likely guess what has transpired in the course of the past week. It has only reaffirmed my guiding principles.
Namely, talk is cheap.
Follow your own volition.
Stay the course.

You'd be surprised how many will come along for the ride if you simply let them know you are boarding.

Had my first weekend of outright sobriety in awhile. Much like those that find exercise and diet make you feel better overall, not drinking has made me feel better overall at the start of the week. Yes, that's a "duh" moment.

Good luck and happy hunting to my faithful readers. Poppa ******* loves you all.
-With Greatest Affection

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