Thursday, January 28, 2010


Pashtun men in Afghanistan "use men for sexual gratification" yet reject the term "homosexual".

Reminds me of Elizabethan attitudes towards Homosexuality. I stand by my theory that little of human nature has notably changed. The same urges in response or rather in spite of different environmental factors/cultures.

If you saw the Kite Runner, that was a candy coated version of the tribal conflicts in Afghanistan over young boys as possessions and the practice of "bacha bazi".

Disturbing interview here.

Good thing we're working to bring them democracy over there...especially when all reports indicate it's the warlords, high up gov't officials...and rural generals that often partake in the practice of "men with no beards" (boys).

If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck....quacks like a's a pedo.


  1. In the military it's known as Manlove Thursday. We called it that because they all go to the mosque on friday to absolve themselves.
    And it's not just Afghanistan. The same was and is true in Iraq. It's a common expression that women are for making babies and men of boys are for 'fun'.
    The interesting thing in Iraq was that because the majority of them are secular and they want so much to be westernized, when they realized that American Soldiers made fun of pole smokers, the whole manlove thing went underground in a hurry.
    The Afghans don't give a fuck. Just to give you an idea how removed from reality they are, in 2001 I entered villages that thought we were Russians.
    And on the whole Afghans are tougher than the average American. They will practically run up mountains in sub zero temps carrying 50lbs of kit and they do it barefoot. They could give a shit about the west, in fact the idea of killing westerners is what drives them. It keeps them warm. They are fucking hard, and full of hate. Most Americans can't wrap their heads around the concept of that kind of hate.
    Make no mistake, the point there is to kill those who seek to kill us and in the process try to make things a bit better for the innocents. Noone in the military is under the illusion that we are creating a Jeffersonian Democracy in Afghanistan. It's not Ohio and it never will be.
    You can't put american ideals/values/culturisms on them. It doesn't work. I have been to villages where men are proud that the local warlord/head criminal has picked their sons to bone in the shitter. Yeah, it's fucked up. But it's an ugly business when you are trying to snuff those whose sole purpose in life is to kill Americans for the simple fact that we are American.
    Drive on, brother.

  2. a buddy of mine from college who was a ranger, one of the first in afghanistan told me about villages in the north with guys wearing makeup, jewelry, earrings etc. how the women were basically invisible in the villages.