Thursday, January 21, 2010

Odds & Ends

- watching guys pursue my mom like there are no women left on earth. my mom can hook 'em like it's not even funny. guess I got my charm from her.

- watching my mom opt out of raping my ******* in the divorce even tho' he all but asked for it (this is not white knighting but an objective assessment of events).

- watching the crappy chicks forced to settle for welfare state/governmental assistance instead of men/fathers for their rabble whilst simultaneously noting how the few privileged women at the top battle tooth and nail over the few remaining men of desire/means

- women are waking to the harsh reality that so many men have faced for years: the majority of sound/noise telling you what to do is so baseless out of touch....and fails to mention that you are in for a rude awakening after you start sipping the Kool-Aid.

women are told to be independent, have a career, you don't need a man to have a kid......let me know how that one works out for you ladies. ever notice how aggravated feminists are? they act like women are virtual slaves in America. Earth to feminists in non 3rd world nations: Women in other countries are treated like slaves. Spare me the speal about unlimited maternity leave and the like until I stop reading about women sentenced to gangrape and being set on fire b/c of unpaid dowries and the like.

Women/specifically the women's groups passing unilateral alimony/child custody etc don't want equality, they want the power minus the responsibility.

Firefighters? Soldiers? Police? Scientists? Cutting edge physicists? Construction laborers? Last time I checked they were overwhelmingly male. The cogs that make the machine work are predominately male. Continue adding to the disincentives for them at your own peril.

Talking about rights and equality is nice. It only matters in a secure and safe society. All those rights and the like disappear in those societies without enforced order.

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