Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Actors on a Stage

Awhile back I attended a dinner party...this vague feeling I had met them all before proved something terrible and unavoidable. For nearly 20 min's I wracked my brain to place the faces of those in attendance to some girl I had dated in the past. I took what I knew about job(s) and where they lived, extra-curricular activities.....and it seemed as though I literally had met these people ALL at some point before in the past. This is of course impossible...but nonetheless I felt this strange feeling as though I had spent time conversing with them...then it dawned on me...I had met many people like them through my various relationships.

Go to enough dinner parties with people in LTR's (as I was a date, the girl I was with and myself were the only technically single people there).

The parts in the modern American Life/Drama are as follows:

overachieving dorky white guy with fat wife who copes by building a man cave in the basement (where he jerks it to fetish/kiddie porn and plays an instrument/WOW)
underachieving dorky white guy with mannish girl
self deprecating husband with fat wife (silences pain with food and deprecating humor)
guy who made snide remarks/under his breath esp. when his wife was out of the room
-utter lack of sexual vibe between anyone actually legally married. flirting may occur between unmarried individuals.

Characters faux glibly will speak of the following subjects ad nauseum:
dinner party menu and food selection/preparation
economy/school for their children
things they plan to buy

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