Thursday, March 25, 2010

Textually Active

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Awhile back I recalled a text conversation...well, here's part 2. Proof that doing what makes sense when dealing with women is virtually a guaranteed wrong course of action that will land you in LJBF purgatory:

To Recap:
Got a text message out of the blue from a number not matched to a name in my phone (given the wording, I was pretty positive who it was. I have learned one must deal with such girls).

Girl: hey how have you been?
Me: (an hour later) who is this?
Girl: (15 mins later) ***** . guess you forgot about me
Me: ( 30 mins later) deleted your number
Girl: (10 mins later) i was sick and busy for awhile after that
Girl: ( >5 mins later) don't be mad at me
Me: (20 mins later) not mad. hadn't heard from you so i deleted your number

That was it. She didn't reply after that. The logical man-brain says, "oh, shit, I fucked up. She's not going to talk to me b/c I deleted her number."

Wait for it....wait....wait for it.....hold fuckin' fast. Hold your fuckin' ground.
Remember? Interaction(s) and relationship(s) are on your terms OR NOT AT ALL.
This is the creed. This is the motto. This is the way.
You will miss out on some interaction(s) and relationship(s) by sticking to this creed...but the ones you have will be on your terms....and faaaaar more often than not women will respect this (and continue on with the interaction/relationship) rather than walk away completely. Double word score!

Girl:(2 days later) Hi, how are you today? It's *****, do you remember me? ;)
Me: (4 hours later) Hey
Girl: (2 hours later) What are your plans this weekend?
Me: (3 hours later) Plans on ****day. Free later on ****day
Girl: (2 hours later) I'm free ****day. We should do something ***day
Me: (next day) K. I'll call you before then

Le sigh. Nothing like staring into the matrix.
- With blase affection


  1. Is she a B girl, or at least a woman with curves?

  2. Not a B girl, but same part of the world. IE: flaky in the Latin girl way.