Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Next Tuesday's School Production of "Scarface"

You're not hallucinating. I found a link over at screenjunkies which should provide definitive proof as to why American education falls behind.

Scarface School Play - Watch more Funny Videos

Kids are putting on a production of Scarface. Yes.
The cockroach, cocaine, drug lord, murder glamorizing Brian De Palma film of great fame.

Click the link to actually see a clip from the production. I can't help but wonder what the ethnic breakdown, oh, I'm sorry, "diversity" of the school was.

The kids actually say things like "Son of a B." and "motherfudger".....

As a western society, we truly are doomed.
The city on a hill has died. We are no longer the light of the world.
Give us your poor, your tired, your wretched...keep 'em coming. They can get dumbed down and not speak English just like our own native born barely do.

I never bought into all that end is nigh talk.
This shit is an outrage. Not more than a 100 years ago students received an education in the classics and students in elementary school's equivalent could read the King Jame's Bible unassisted. When you hear that quote about how Shakespeare had only a **** grade education, they don't include the fact that an elementary school education was virtually identical to high school and in many cases some college course work of today.

All that's happened is now everyone has to get post graduate work to in many cases make mid 30k $.

By the end of the above clip....the adults in the audience are all clapping. I can't help but notice the ethnic background of each of the students. *ahem* not white.

Not to be a jerk, but looks like the white man doesn't even have to sully his hands with keeping down the non-causcasian masses. They'll latch onto a cocaine smuggling, murderous, drug lord for their students to portray...and cheer loudly for at a school play.

You need a license to fish....any motherfudger can have children.

-With Disgust

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