Saturday, March 27, 2010

How do you....

I peruse sites on game and picking up chicks more for thought provocation than anything.
Via email, the question guys and even some chicks ask is: "How do you approach women?"

The context and understanding the places I frequent is important, but not something I can entirely articulate here.

What follows, however, is the tried and true Allagash conversation starter kit:
I am not a big fan of canned material.

Virtually every girl I open, I go with one of two things:

"What brings you out tonight?"

"How are you?"

"How do you all know one another?"

"You guys here to see the band?"

This works better if you're handsome. But it is not necessary.

Virtually every girl I have opened in 4 years, I have met the following way. Virtually every girl I've slept with in aforementioned time I have opened with one of the above.

Period. Beyond that, work your conversation game and escalating Kino. Those are the TWO SINGLE BIGGEST THINGS.

That is all.

Go forth and swing for the fences my faithful followers. Your humble narrator goes forth daunted and weary, yet insatiable.
- With Greatest Affection


  1. "A man who gives a good account of himself is probably lying"
    I am going to follow you, for that alone. For the record, I vehemently detest PUA blogs, but you hooked me with that fucking line, so I will read the drivel and hope to occasionally find some jewels in the mix, I did find one down the page, about people beliefs. So, I see some potential in you. ;)

  2. thank you for the validation. if you've read more than a post or two, you'll know this is not a PUA blog.