Saturday, March 13, 2010

City of Angels

Soundtrack/Punk for your day: The Distillers

I could tell you about everything that happened but why bother. If you read the can probably imagine the details.

Some cougar grabbed my scarf.
Some asian girl grabbed my ass.
Some girl(s) asked about my tattoo.
Some girl from high school recognized me.
She's been married for 7 years. Has 4 kids.
I balked. I couldn't even wrap my brain around that.
I wasn't drunk. I didn't even feel like drinking.
Some chick tried to feel my abs.

The entire scene of non-versation (Hat tip: Insurgency, Inc.) and the revealing dresses....just grated on my soul. I was at home....but I loathed the bed I had made.

"lately there are these moments when I feel connected to something else,'s like, the mask is slipping and things....people that never mattered before are suddenly starting to matter...."

And some more Brody for your appeal that latent is rare.

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  1. Saw the early morning post. My hope for you: Find true intimacy. Someone is reaching out. You are also searching. Maybe its time.