Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Call me Thomas....Don't trust.....

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People who live their life based on a 1400 year old set of beliefs governing a culture of tribal warfare

People who think voting dem/rep actually makes much difference in their daily life

People who think a god impregnated a virgin and had a half/deity son in any of the myriad of forms it's been hocked to the foolish

People who are lifelong academics

People who have never worked a part-time job out of necessity

People who tell me America was founded with Christian beliefs (pick up a fuckin' history book and stop repeating some shit evangelicals and fag-haters repeat to the point that other sheeple believe it. Too much religion and a monarchy (thinly veiled church structure) was a key component of drafting the new government - IE: avoiding the pitfalls of a king/god)

People who think the government can actually fix and not exacerbate societal problems in the process of spending OUR money

Politicians that tell me I should support something out of moral obligation

People who base any decision/belief on faith (see numbers 1 and 3)

People who espouse that everyone is equal beyond the second they are conceived

-With Minimal Affection

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  1. Wow, I can only conclude, based on your criteria, that I am extremely damned trustworthy!