Sunday, March 14, 2010


Virtually always....

the roiders quit.
the gifted athletes quit.
the thugs quit.
the braggarts quit.

The masochists stay on. The guys who can be humbled, dominated...and come back, ask for more.
The guys that get broken and sit in the shower afterwards, tears in their eyes.....and they know one thing. They can't sleep at night knowing they walked away, they turned and ran rather than face their fear.

Know thy enemy. Face the fear. Become bedmates and roommates with it.

The only thing worse than being beaten is quitting. Losing is this supernatural force, the malevolent satanic being in my world. It is always there. It is always present. It seeps in when most tired, when most strikes with injuries, the lure of sex, booze, the compliments of admirers, with weariness...and with fear.

A girl the other night pulled me aside and said I had swagger. That she felt safe b/c I was there....just being around me.

You read a lot of PUA stuff about fake it til you make it. Some guys are confident b/c they can pick up chicks. Some guys b/c they rock climb. For me, it's b/c I've fought in front of 700 people and beat the brakes off of another guy. Routines, lingo, opening sets...fine. Work on yourself. Change who/what you are. Put your dick in the mouth of the lion. Fail while daring greatly. Press your comfort boundary by taking chances. These are what the generals, soldiers, inventors, explorers.......what men have done that has changed the face of the world we know.

For anyone who saw Pacman Vs Clottey...Clottey would take zero chances. Pacman opened up, made the fight, against a man naturally larger framed and likely weighing a solid 15 lbs above him. This is why Pacman thrills and excites. He scales the mountain....had he lost....he would still be admired and adored. Do the thing which you fear most. I fear losing a fight...I spent 5-6 days a week scaling my mountain....a mountain I have to at least attempt to climb so that I can look myself in the face each morning when I wake.

Respect and better yourself.
-With Greatest Affection


  1. Good motivational post. "Put your dick in the mouth of the lion", ha, I like that one.

    I remember in one of your posts that you said you had to go for some HIV blood work type test. Is that ture? How does being afflicted with that affect your game?

  2. i don't have hiv. you have to get tested and show proof that you don't have it to be licensed to fight.

  3. Ohhh ok, makes perfect sense.

  4. Mr. Smith aka Tallagash(accidentally discovered this),
    I want to send you a comment you won't post, please.

  5. Great post. "Put your dick in the mouth of the lion. Fail while daring greatly." Well said.

  6. i can be reached thru the email listed under my profile.