Thursday, March 4, 2010

Field Observation(s)

Went on a date awhile back, something I'd forgotten to mention with the last bit of things I'd posted on this subject (it can prove hard to keep track).
Your humble narrator as usual was a bit nicer than probably necessary. Met the girl and we posted up by the bar. It had that slightly awkward feel of two people who were semi-intoxicated during the first meeting, each having forgotten things and a tad embarrassed to rehash old ground. The connection quickly re-established. I wore a nice coat, designer jeans of the right length to fall the right length below the top of my shoes, polished dark like the night shoes, the optimal 2-3 days of stubble, styled hair, rounded out by a fitting sweater over a tailored dress shirt. I was the heighth of fashion, one could say.

She wore a sexy drape like shirt which revealed a nice soft brown shoulder, her long, dark hair trailing past her shoulders complimented by dark eyes and soft features. Her imploring eyes matched her smile as we hugged and renewed our hello's. Her body language/posture slowly relaxed as we got past the casual yet partially tense first few moments. My ability to disarm in a quiet, conversational setting taking hold within moments. The food was good, the ambiance upscale and appropriately dim. We fell back into the vibe of our first meeting, my nonchalance eventually relaxing her as she pried a bit into my past and I kept my answers appropriately vague. She confided a warning by her friend that the type of guys she is normally drawn to. Ah, at least a girl that can admit it. She said she was on the fence about me but felt like that might not be the case with me. Has the tiger changed its stripes?
I segued into humor, slight teasing, peppered with compliments then some open ended remarks for her to interpret.
The night ended with a semi-platonic kiss on the cheek, I could've kiss closed but my resolve was lacking as is normally the case.

I headed home to sleep deep, dark rest for the weary.
-With Greatest Affection

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  1. Sounds like it went quite well. I see a lay on the horizon.

    But, what happened to being fully suited down, a la Don Draper style?