Monday, March 15, 2010


A quick mention for some particular masochists....stop reading the blog.

There's a fine line between being too conspicuous and inconspicuous. Leaving an impression...being memorable...doing provocative and audacious things tends to set one apart. The problem is...if you don't live in a large enough city....people start to remember you. A lot. Like....consistently.

Was out for a brief time the other night and I kept getting the spider sense tingling sensation. I'd already passed a Polish girl I briefly dated in college. What she was doing in my town was unbeknownst to me, but it reminded me of the "X factor". You can never tell who will show up at some random venue. Usually, it's someone that for all intents and purposes should not be there...has no reason to be there....yet, there they are as some sort of middle finger to predictability.

Then there were some girls down the bar who kept staring a bit too long my way. Add to that some guy that I didn't recognize (wasn't a member of my rogues gallery)...but I caught clearly twice staring at me a bit too long.

Now, the romantic in me wants to think it was simply the overtly gorgeous girl I was with. The pragmatist and cynic in me knows that cannot account for the looks I kept getting from several different unconnected social circles.

It was unsettling. A feeling I could not shake for much of the night.

"Too strange to live, yet too rare to die."
- With Greatest Affection

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