Friday, March 19, 2010

You Know You've Got Game When....

Old School on your ass (Best Rapper EVER. Biggie ain't got shit in comparison)
Alternative Old School on your ass (Most underrated Rap Group EVER)
Add'l Alternative Old School
And one last classic for your ass

You know you've got game when....

cats hate on your style while they rock wayfarers and boat shoes with some Northface to compliment

girls buy you drinks

$10 is all you need to get a good night out started

girls overtly mention that they're fucking you 2 hours in advance

you can't remember the last time you paid cover or waited in line. anywhere.

girls pay your cab fare home

you guard your phone like a muslim's virginity

it's hard to roll anywhere downtown without seeing girls you've known in the biblical sense

you've got more flags in various countries than most guys have total

you pull the sweet birds and you pull the slags

you sit at work in the clothes you wore out last night...and still look better than your colleagues.

you're on the way out the door with a Brazilian bird and some girls outs you for the tranny you made out with. Glibly you blow this off and roger the B. bird in the kitchen, bedroom, and living room of your apartment. the ticket, take the ride.

Be who and what you are. Fuck the haters. Live, move forward, and don't look back.
-With Greatest Affection

In other news, a member of my rogues gallery has been on a slag spree as of late.
Feast or famine.


  1. Yooo, that really sucks that you made out with a tranny, lol. What did you do to said tranny once you found out?

    Picture me Rollin' is a tough song, but personally, I'm a Biggie fan.He had his wordplay on point. what do you think about AZ?

  2. AZ's up there, Tupac will always be king in my mind. Biggie just sounded like he had marshmallows in his mouth when he spit, least it sounded that way to me.

  3. hhaha, marshmallows, yea he was big bastard.

    Anyways, liking the posts. I really just read your blog these days, that and poetry of flesh. Roosh and Roissy are jokes but too stuck on unnatural game. It's more about real material. Online diaries I guess..the most interesting.

  4. thanks for the appreciation. you have made some insightful comments about my blog in the past. as far as inner/natural game, virtually all routines/canned material fail when i use them. i don't even neg unless i really just feel like being playful.